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May 29, 2012
Southern Arizona
Can anyone tell me where the battery solenoidal on a 2006 Sightseer 26P. I can here it under the MH and it sounds like it is coming from the black box in the front compartment above the propane tank.  This is the breaker box.  I can not see it. If this is where it is located I will search further.
I am talking about the solenoid that connects the house and chassis batteries when driving, so the house batteries will charge off the alternator.
It will take a few minutes of digging, but you should be able to locate it on your wiring diagrams.  Link is in the Winnebago and Chassis Resources post near the top of this board.
The box you describe is where it is located on my 2004 Sightseer 35N.
There are there are two 1/2 turn fasteners holding the cover on then four screws holding the faceplate on. The AUX solenoid is the one on the left. The one on the right is the battery disconnect solenoid.
Problem with wiring diagrams is they do not show the location of the item only that it is there and what it is connected to.

Thanks. that is what I needed to know. It sounded like it was in this area.  Seems an awakward place to put it.  But Oh well.  I do not have a problem with it at this time.  Just wanted to know how to get to it when I do.
Again thanks to all
Problem with wiring diagrams is they do not show the location of the item
Mike, just an FYI, the Winnie schematics show both. The electrical schematic is called the wiring diagram, the 2nd set showing location is called the wiring installation. They are not 100% perfect but pretty darn close. Look over your electrical drawings a little closer and you will see what I mean.
Body, 12 Volt Wiring Diagram
Body, 12 Volt Wiring Installation
It is a bad place to put it as far as replacing it goes. I had to replace mine and it was a real bear to do it. I had to kneel on a cushion and turn my head so I could get it into the compartment. Then I could only use one hand at a time.

I don't see how they could put it together on the production line.
Maybe there is a way to take the box off the wall leaving the wires and solenoids behind but I didn't spot it.
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