Battery Shut Off Switch

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Jul 18, 2006
This is our first MH, and I'm wondering about the Battery Shut Off switch.

When do you turn it off, and when do you leave it on? Does it need to be on to charge the batteries? I'm sure we went over this at the dealer, but there was so much going on, I'm sure it went in one ear and out the other.

thanks for the help.
When do you turn it off.. When refueling is recommended as it will disable all the electrnoically operated flame sources and may even cut off the propane if it's off.

You can also turn it off when you wish to insure that there is no load on the batteries (Though in some cases that is not enough)

If you are storing the rig w/o shore power you should turn it off as well (and in my case pull a few plugs to cut off the rest of the load)

But normally I store with 120vac so I leave it on

When should you turn it on.. Any time you need 12vdc for lights, operating the fridge, furnance, AC controller board, water pump or any of the other house 12vdc systems.. With that switch off basically NOTHING works

On my rig if I turn the battery switch off w/o shore power I have no lights, no heat, no AC no refrigerator no water pump I can't move slides in or out, I can't start the generator and the power steps will not come out, they will go in, but not come out
Thanks John.

We haven't made any trips long enough to have things running while traveling, so refueling shouldn't be a problem. But I will keep that in mind for when we do.  :)

I store it at home, and we have a dedicated line just for the MH. So it sounds like I can leave it on while it's plugged in.
As long as you have shore power, leave it on.  It may be wired such that the batteries won't charge if it's off.  If you're going to store for any length of time without shore power, then turn it off to prevent discharge of the batteries from any remaining loads.

It's not necessary to shut down all DC power while refueling, but do turn off any applicances that use a flame, typically the hot water heater and refrigerator.

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