Behind-the-trailer camera system

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Gary RV_Wizard

Site Team
Feb 2, 2005
West Palm Beach, FL
XtraVue - for those who wish they could see what is behind their trailer while towing...
That's really clever.
I experimented a bit with rear-vision systems once. What I found was that for me it was occasionally handy when backing up, but was certainly not essential.
As for going down the highway, I figure that it's only going to tell me that someone is tailgating me, which I can't do anything about anyway. So why would I want the aggravation?
Large, well-adjusted side-view mirrors, though,  :)) are worth their weight in gold.
What a waste of time and money. The image shows nothing of any importance and only serves as a distraction from watching the mirrors, where valuable information is found.
a drive cam can be good. it records the accident for the insurance payout.

but for backing up.
just get out and look.  cost nothing, but can save you big buck$.
The other use for this system is to put a screen on the back of semi trucks so you can see what is in front of the semi if you are stuck behind it. Very useful for passing on two lane roads.
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