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Mar 3, 2005
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With MS releasing updates on a sporadic but frequent basis, the software and hardware drivers you have installed may not work with them. A useful and free utility, Belarc Advisor will show you almost everything about your computer including hardware and softare installed (and where it is on your system), MS Hotfixes and others, and lots of other useful info. Use it to find updates to your software and hardware programs and drivers, and download them before you're faced with the dreaded BSOD. Typically the error reports you send to MS yield little, if no good specific info on your problem, so it's better to anticipate problems rather than react to them. Also helpful, if not absolutely necessary, is a good backup program like Acronis True Image which can get you back up and running from their rescue disks. Link to Belarc: Link to Acronis: Acronis is free to try and $49.95 to buy, but can save a LOT of time and frustration in the end. Norton Ghost$69.95; no free trial) is another such backup program, and there are others as well.
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