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Oct 31, 2009
I'm just wondering if anybody is down South from Ontario, Canada in Alabama, Florida, Texas area that carries a Bell satellite system and if it is working there has been a lot of talk that Bell has changed the satellites and we will not be able to receive the Bell satellite in the US so any help would be much I will be leaving shortly for Texas , so I'm very interested to find out. Thanks for any help
We have been down south with friends for the last few years and were told the same thing.
Last winter he was able to get Bell in Alpine, Texas and in Quartzsite, Arizona.
You will not get help from Bell, Licensing issues.
We are not south yet this year.
I thank you for the quick reply last year in Texas in the Rio Grande Valley.  We were able to get satellite 91, which is all we are interested in so my thought is nothing has changed since last year
Bell HAS changed the satellite at location 91W?. The signal is no longer available from further south than about 200 miles from the US/Canada border. The satellite at 82?W (for high def programming) was never available in the south and the new 91? now has the same footprint.

I am considering the use of Shaw Direct (formerly Starchoise) as it still works fine down in Florida...
Would be good to get this confirmed by someone in Florida, not only we were told THAT.... .
Very difficult to believe that those satellite, 82 AND 91 are not availble from Florida.
Does not make much sense to me.
Doubting Thomas!!! Heh heh, or is it Wishful Thinking???

Take this as a confirmation!!!! My southern neighbour went down there in late Sept. and tried his dish... nada... Prior to now it had worked for 6 years as mine had, no problem!!!

Dishpointer is an excellent site EXCEPT that it does not show the footprint (coverage) of the satellite, only the pointing info...

If you need more proof, try here:

Nimiq-2 is the satellite that was in position 91?W prior to this summer. Nimiq-6 is the new satellite at 91?W (SD) and was activated in Aug 2012, Nimiq-4 is at 82?W (HD) (Telesat is the Canadian owner/operator of the satellite)

Enough confirmation????
I guess I need first to drink something and next to call Shawdirect....

I spent so much time to configure my set up with a product from kVH that is only compatible with Bell ExpressVu. The system is now working fine but is "useless"
May be I should cry............
Anyway I hate Bell so......may be at the end it is a good thing. (problems with service, support and Invoices not to name them)
Have a look at their web site. You are looking for the "home away from home" service and perhaps more if you wish to set up service in Canada as well.

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