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Steve CDN

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Jan 31, 2005
Hey Bernie,  tell me about the float you use to transport your car.  I'm looking at a toad that 's an AWD.

Steve said:
Hey Bernie,  tell me about the float you use to transport your car.  I'm looking at a toad that 's an AWD.


Was that question directed at me? If so, I don't understand the float? I tow 4 down. My XTerra has a part-time 4wd with the REMCO drive shaft disconnect. The new XTerras with automatic were not towable 4 down the last time I checked with REMCO.
Hi Bernie,

I guess I was misinformed.  ??? I thought you used a float to transport a Porsche.  I'm looking for a new toad, and the number that can be towed 4 down are decreasing, especially in upscale cars.  I wanted to learn more about floats.

What is a Float?  ??? I went to the library/glossary and it isn't there. You can't imagine the pictures being formed in my mind with that term! I am working at the beginning of planning for a toad. Complete novice! Help!

Ray D

Still don't know what you mean by float. I had an open, aluminum trailer that we used for the Porsche. It had ramps in the back to load/unload the car, straps to tie it down and the only thing above the floor of the trailer was the tire rack. It wasn't that much fun to pull out the ramps, load the car, strap down all the wheels and put the ramps back. With Marlene and myself working together, it usually took about 15 minutes. Not recommended unless you have no other choice.
Maybe calling a car transporter {trailer} a float? is a Canadian colloqialism.? Remember in the Sanat Claus parade, the towed vehicles that bore the exhibits were called floats...or maybe not.

In any case, I think we're both talking about the same thing, now Bernie.

I'm considering a variety of options in the replacement of the Odyssey, but most of the options are AWD.? In one case, the car can be ordered as a RWD which would allow being towed with a dolly, but that car is not my first choice.

I was wondering if anyone has devised a method of towing a car off its tires by using the nethod used by tow trucks {wreckers} where they place a small double axle under each car axle and the car is towed on a these miniature wheels.

I can imagine that travelling with a full size car transporter can be quite a chore

Check this one out


In the Santa Claus parade, the displays are called floats, they are the oohs and aahs built on the trailer. Listen to the announcers describing the "floats", they are talking about what you see, not the deck upon which they are built. Maybe the Canadian colloquialism refers to the deck, but that is why we got confused.

I haven't seen anything that will tow an AWD that cannot be modified for towing 4 down. The double axle thing-a-ma-bob that you mentioned probably wouldn't hold up for long distance towing on highway speeds. IMHO, if you go with an open trailer, the best on the market is the Trailex ( It is more expensive but it is all aluminum and one person can move it around and set up. If you call, ask for Carl Carbon and say that I said hello.
Steve I started with a tow dolly and then went to a trailer like you posted.  Now into an eclosed 24' car hauler that tied on to the baqck of the motorhome last Jan at the Q  looked like a freight train along side the rest of the Rv's  Was a gulley between us and Bob Buchcanan and once we parked it side ways in froint of the wash it looked like wall to wall units.
Ah, what you do is get one of the new Class A Toy Haulers,  And  a Mini-Cooper, and instead of towing it, you garage it :)

(And no, I'd not wish to give up that much space in my calss A for anything)  Then you put a motorized saketboard in the Mini.

That way if you have a flat, and the phone is out of range, you lower the tailgate and take out the spare, nad if it gets a flat, you open the door and take out the spare, spare.

Almost as good as what I do now... My MH carries a nice bicycle, and tows a Lumina APV, which carries a 4-wheel mobility scooter,  We would have to really work at it to not have wheels :)

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