Best blind spot mirror/solution for old Ford?

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Jul 3, 2019
Hi. I have an awful blind spot problem with a '95 e350 cutaway (it's like a box van). This has the old style chome pipe mirror mounts (I'll try to attach an image of the style) with the old style circular convex mirror which is currently mounted on the inside of the main mirror.

I have no problem when driving, but when pulling into a highway where I can't position the vehicle perpendicular or parallel to the highway I have a huge blind spot.

I'm thinking maybe if I had a large convex mirror above the main mirror this would fix the problem as I think the width of the 'box' is why I can't see well from the inside mirror, but the old style circular types can't mount that way (the clamps are too short). The only solition that comes to mind is something non-adjustable like this:

Any suggestions?


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I'm also thinking an auxiliary mirror mounted in the a-pillar inside would help a lot. Has anyone tried these?


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How about these stickons. They're 3-3/4" long.
On my Class C I use a 3x3" square convex mirror with one corner rounded to fit the contour of both side mirrors. I prefer mine on the bottom outside to see small cars and the edge of the road better. I find myself using that mirror only so maybe a big convex and a small regular mirror would be better. Personally I find a rear view camera to be required equipment. I wired the camera and monitor to ignition on instead of the reverse light so it stays on full time. I can't see out the back so now I have a "real" rear view mirror. It has a fisheye camera so you can see cars about to pass you on the left or right. Of course it also helps when backing up. You can spend hundreds or go cheap like I did. I installed mine 4 years ago and it still works perfectly. I did have to buy 50' of cable with RCA connections from EBay for $15 since my rig is 30' long.
I already have a rear view camera. My issue is pulling into traffic

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