Best ladder for my MH

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Dec 13, 2011
My (new to me) 2010 Monaco Diplomat 42 SKQ  is just to PURTY for anything hanging from the rear coach ladder.  Looking for sturdy compactable that can still reach the top.  Two fifty to Three Hundred lbs. ( Tool box is heavy).
I have a telescoping ladder that works just fine.  Look at sears and camping world.
Years ago my dad got a convertable extension/step ladder at sears I use, but it won't go in storage, I made some major mods to carry it....

Ripped off the factory excuse for a ladder that could not even come close to holding my 300 pounds let alone a tool box,  Put a couple of heavy duty "J" Hooks at the roof line, These can hold my weight,, In fact just one of them can hold my weight.  Put a stainless steel "Grab bar" at the bottom where the ladder "Hits" the rear cap (only it does not hit, actually the bar is about a foot up from that).

Extended it puts me on the roof

Step mode handy for wash and wax

Holds my 300 pounds real nice

I do not, however recommend it.

There is the "Quickee" ladder (I think that is what it is called) this is the one that can be folded in segments and can be used as a scaffold, or step or extension ladder. And tehre are some folding ladders,, I have never used any of them.

I also have a telescoping.. It is not long enough for the roof (normally) but it too holds my weight no tribble and is great for working up aroudnd the roof line (Say on the awnings or some such)
I have a 'Little Giant" ladder and it is the best ladder ever, pricey but worth every dime.
I have 3 'Little Giant" ladders and keep the middle sized one strapped to the ladder on the rear of our 5er. :)
Here is the one that I chose:
330lb capacity
12 1/2 foot
Weighs 25 lbs
Stores in form-fitting bag
Remember as you are looking for a ladder, that 12 feet will not reach the top of your coach. So, as you get on and off the roof you're doing it without any visual reference of where the ladder is. Just something to think about if you're squeamish about heights. I always put mine in the same spot, so I have my reference points on the roof memorized as to where I need to be so my foot hits the ladder right.

My 12 1/2 footer, which supports 330 lbs, when placed over my rear RV ladder, which supports 225 lbs, gets me to the top of the RV ladder and to its hand holds which makes gaining access to the roof much easier since my 330 lb supporting ladder is not vertical, but placed at a comfortable angle for me to climb. If you wish to go safely over the side of your RV with any ladder you better have a couple of healthy friends supporting it at the bottom.

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