Best Pulling vehicles for Lance 1475S?

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Feb 26, 2019
I just purchased a Lance 1475S and am trying to decide the best vehicle to pull it with. I?m wondering if anyone has experience with a Toyota Highlander pulling this Lance travel trailer? I?m open to hearing all advice on this.
On the drivers side door jam is a yellow decal what does it say it will say tire pressure and cargo capacity shal not exceed xxxx lbs
Welcome to the Forum!

With a 3700 GVWR for the camper, your hitch wt will be between 375# (10% of GVWR) and  500#. 

You will need a car with a PAYLOAD to carry the weight of this hitch, plus the weight of all passengers, car seats, tools and all other cargo carried in the tow vehicle.  Calculate this number for YOUR needs.

When you go shopping for a tow vehicle, open the driver door, look at the door jamb to find a yellow banner placard which will state " The maximum weight of all passengers and cargo shall not exceed XXX lbs."  Make SURE this number is larger than your calculated payload needs.  If it is too small, close the door and keep looking.  Do not trust a salesman who tells you anything different!

I do not know what else you will be carrying nor the typical payload for a Highlander, so I can not directly answer your question.  The total weight in the tow vehicle is CRITICAL to the tow capacity of any vehicle.  That fact is hidden in the fine print and foot notes.

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