Best sealant/caulk?

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Mar 16, 2019

I?m starting to order things to get my trailer back together. I planned to reseal the windows/luggage doors/lights  and then reseal the roof seams/around the vents etc

I?m reading/seeing a lot of mixed opinions about the best product to use.

Everywhere I look I see dicor being advertised for this but then I see people saying it?s over priced and you have to redo it more often than a commercial sealant not specifically geared towards campers.

I recently watched a YouTube video about sikaflex 1a and how much better it is but they were referencing the use of it on a RV roof not an EPDM roof.

I have both dicor and proflex But I just wasn?t sure if anyone had better luck with other products?
Dicor 501 is an excellent self-leveling caulk for EPDM and other types of RV roofs.  Yeah, it costs a bit more than the general run of exterior grade sealants, but I dispute that it needs more frequent replacement. RV's are a tough application for any sealant. They require extra stretch and flex.

Geocel Proflex RV is also a bit pricier than some, but it too is a quality product. Another is 3M Body Seam Sealer. Both of those products are for vertical seams where a self-leveling caulk is not appropriate. If you want to save a few bucks you can use any good quality window & door sealant, e.g. DAP Dynaflex.
Eternabond tape is a great product, but I personally don't recommend any tape-type sealant for around protruding objects, e.g. vents, antennas, ladder mounts, etc.  For those places, a squeezable caulk is easier to use and to fit tight. I use Eternabond on flat seams, though.

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