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Feb 27, 2006
Recommendations (tried/true) methods for eliminating smoke odors from a 31' class c.  Thanks  Greg
I have yet to see a tried and true way to remove smoke odor from anything.  There are products that might cover up or hide the odor for a while but it will always come back.  Being non-smokers and my wife and daughter actually allergic to cigarette smoke we came against this issue many times.  If you are considering purchasing a MH or trailer that has been smoked in my recommendation is walk away and continue shopping.

If you can't walk the best results we had with aircraft and RV's was Ozium (covers up) and also Atmos Klear Odor Eliminator which I think is a chlorine based cleaner.
Jeff /Washington said:

If you can't walk the best results we had with aircraft and RV's was Ozium

I've tried Ozium, when I had to rent a car and it reeked of tobacco.

Ozium was nearly as bad as the tobacco to my senses

Moral...Try it, some folks like it, I don't
We had friends who had a fire in their house. They used Febreze and said it was amazing how well it removed the smell. I know I keep a bottle in the motorhome to use when we venture into casinos and it works great.
You call a local car dealership {used car side} and ask them who they use for De-odering a vehicle, I used them once on a vehicle that was badly reeking of smoke and they taped up all the windows and pumped in a tube hooked to a ozone generator. It completely removes the smell for good !  It re-creates the effects of leaving the windows open for a few years.

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