Best way to tow a '98 Jeep Grand Cherokee

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Jul 2, 2006
I want to tow my 1998 Jeep Grand Cherokee behind our motorhome. What is the best way to do this? Can the GC be towed flat or will it need to be on a dolly or a full trailer?
Your GC can be towed flat - lots of Rvers here own them.  Basically put the transfer case in neutral and tranny in Park. Procedures may vary with the type of 4WD system you have, so check the owners manual. Hopefully a GC owner here will ring in with more details.

Flat towing (4-down) is by far the easiest way to tow  a vehicle. Dollys and trailers are a pain.
Thanks for the quick reply Gary. I'm trying to track down an owners manual on ebay. We bought the GC used in 2002 and there was no owners manual with the vehicle.

I agree trailers can be a pain.
We had a 2000 Grand Cherokee which was towed with a Blue Ox towbar about 50,000+ miles while we had it.  All you do is hookup, place the transfer case in N, put the transmission in Park and make sure the key is in the ignation switch and the steering wheel is unlocked. Then take off.

BTW, there's a photo of it, with a cover I have for sale posted in the for sale section of the forum. We have replaced the GC with a new '06 Liberty diesel, which we also tow 4 down.
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