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Oct 13, 2012
Fair Oaks, California
Hello, we live in Northern California a short distance from Sacramento. Do you know the best web sites to find a used trailer? Also, how much more will I pay if I buy from a dealer?

Thank you for your help, Stan
A google search turns up quite a few trailer dealers in the greater Sacramento area.

.. how much more will I pay if I buy from a dealer?

Where else would you buy a new trailer? Expect to be able to negotiate a significant discount from MSRP. I'm out of touch with trailers, but on motorhomes the range is 20-30%, depending on how eager the dealer is to sell, and other factors.

Edit:  The OP edited his original message from a new trailer to a used one.
Personally I wouldn't even bother with web pages other than collecting dealer information and address so you can go look at the RV in person.
You may try looking at Craigslist,  RVtrader, etc.
Many of the ones you find will be listed by a dealer.  Best advice is decide what weight trailer you can tow.  What floor plan and amenities you want. Then,  just shop from there for the best deal you can find.  You can use the NADA guides online as a reference of values on the used trailers you find that fit your needs.

Best of luck!!!
Looks like Stan (donuts) edited his original message and subject from a new traiier a used trailer.
Depending upon the age, you could try the tin can tourist site.

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