Big Bend in Feburary

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Aug 5, 2006
Northfield, Vermont
We are thinking of staying in Big Bend, Texas for the month of Feburary. Has anyone spent time here during the winter months and if so are there any good places to stay? We have a 38 foot motorhome and want to make sure there is no problem as to size of the sites. Not much information on the internet that I can find so any help would be appreciated.

We really love Big Bend.  We especially liked the Lajitas campground (  Lajitas is the small town on the Western side of Big Bend on the Rio Grande river.  There are also big campgrounds at the town of Study Butte and in the park itself.  We have stayed at all three places but prefer Lajitas.  No problem regarding a 38 foot MH.  BTW, besides the park itself the town of Presidio makes a great 1-day round trip.  For February you should get some reservations NOW!


They do not advertise the campground so you'll have to call to get a reservation.  (877) 525-4827.

Also see their web site:

In a couple of years they plan on doing something else with the RV campground so that is why it's
not being promoted.


JerArdra said:
For February you should get some reservations NOW!

Does that include the campgrounds in the park?  We are leaving home next week and were considering going over to Big Bend some time in February also.

Thanks in advance!

Probably yes but as I remember the park itself limits the length of your stay so you have turn over whereas the other private MH parks have folks that stay 2-3 months in the winter


Thanks!  Didn't see your reply til now as trying to get everything ready for our first big trip (mail, safety deposit box, retirement paperwork..., etc)  We're trying to do this without making definite plans, which has been a good thing, since we are delaying a few days to keep from traveling in the bad weather that's on the way.  However, if we do have to make reservations in advance, we will, or make other plans.
We're going to Big Bend NP in early Dec - next month. Any comments on park, and general safety of area, weather, etc?
Then, we'll go N to Carlsbad area. Did you hit them also?
Bill and Kathy
Bill Thoel said:
Then, we'll go N to Carlsbad area. Did you hit them also?

No matter who you are, no matter what you like to do, no matter if you are a human being or a human doing, the Carlsbad Caverns at the Carlsbad Caverns NP south of Carlsbad the city are a must.

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