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Jul 31, 2006
Well, that is what they say about themselves....these Memphians.....and I am one...

I kinda jumped right in and started asking questions before I introduced myself.  I grew up in Memphis and started tent camping about 1957.  (When I was 7 years old) I know a good deal about camping, but now have a motorhome and it is a little different animal than anything I have been used to.  I always pulled my camper now I am driving it and trying to get it set up to pull a "Toad"...

I have pulled as far south as Florida, and Texas, and as far north as Canada.  Not a whole lot compared to many of you, I know, but still enough to have lots of horror, and FUNNY stories.  Many of them are both!  I was a member of FCRV (Formally NCHA) for many years as were my parents.  I have raised four kids, and now am a little more free to roam a bit.  I am happy to have found this site.  It seems to be full of usefull information.

I have posted a question in the Towable forum...and hope some of you will take a look and give me your thoughts.  I will try to offier what information I have and what life has taught me regarding this most fun of avocations!


Steve CDN

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Jan 31, 2005
Hi Fizzban!

Welcome to the RV Forum, and for posting? in the Forum's Towing Section.

I noticed your attempt at using some formatting in your posting using the BBCode formatting tools.? I went ahead and corrected the format you tried, and we have an excellent tutorial on using the Forum's formatting code? HERE.

It's fun to use and can add some punch to your Forum postings.

Hope you enjoy the RV Forum!


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Jan 29, 2005
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