BlueBird 40 footer Wonderlodge value question

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Jul 19, 2012
Well I'm still in the market for a Class A.  I found a 1984 BlueBird Wonderlodge P40 that looks nice in the photos.  Asking $36,000. So I went on NADA and it's valued at $1750. Can that be right?  It's got 235k miles but has a remanufactued engine with 84,000. None of that particularly bothers me mileage wise, except maybe why a reman'd engine was needed.  Anyway I was trying to figure out what the value is. $1750 seems kinda low, but $36k seems rather high by the seller.  I haven't actually seen it yet to evaluate. So what is a good price to place on it assumming everything works, tires are good date wise etc?

Thanks guys. 

PS I've really been looking pretty steady now for about 3 months or so.
NADA is not going to be very accurate on Bluebirds. Most birds go for more than NADA no matter what the condition even the FC Models built in the 70's are selling for as much as 20K I have seen a few 80's models going for as low as 16K, but not many of them. check out to get some idea of what well cared for coaches are going for.

The online NADA guide is straight line depreciation rather than market values, so for an 84 it it has essentially depreciated to zero. Any functioning coach is probably in the $3500-$5000 category and better quality or cleaner ones will be more.  An older, high end diesel is probably more like $10k minimum if it is in working condition. Condition is everything in old RVs, so a nice one could easily double that.

Personally, I would have trouble at any figure more than around $18,000 for that old Wanderlodge, even though it was a wondrous coach in its day. But the Bird aficionados probably figure it is worth more, especially with the updated engine.
I sold my 83 PT40 Wanderlodge- correct spelling- for $17,900 last year. Had 350k miles on the coach. Can you post  a link? I may know the coach
Thanks Ernie.  I finally found the discussion about the BB.  Looks like a good deal.  But just a little bit out of my range right now.

Thanks again, Wade

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