Borrego Springs, CA get together?

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Carl L

Moderator Emeritus
Mar 14, 2005
west Los Angeles
Every year Borrego Springs, the town in the middle of Anza Borrego Desert State Park holds a Circle of Art in Christmas Circle in town -- this year March 24-25.  See their websiite HERE.  In addition the local Natural History Association has a garden tour on March 25 that is well worth the price.  See their site HERE>

Tho this will not be a great or even decent wildflower year but the weather should be almost perfect.

Cindy and I will be at the Palm Springs RV Resort for a week arriving on March 20 and leaving on March 28, 2007.    If any one is in the area, maybe we can get together.



Jan 13, 2005
Would love to join you Carl, but I doubt it will fit with our other plans. But you never know.
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