Boston area to Shenandoah National Park

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Jan 17, 2016
We're thinking about taking a trip from the Boston area to Shenandoah National Park in October (thinking about taking around 2 weeks or so round trip).  This is our first year with our travel trailer and this will be our longest trip so far and probably the last trip of the season.  We'd like to keep the travel distances under 200 miles a day, and we'd like to avoid NYC.

Any suggestions on interesting places to stop or favorite campgrounds.  We like hiking, kayaking, great scenery.  I already have some rough ideas for the trip down, with stops for a few days around the Delaware Water Gap and then around Hershey, PA.  But I'm having a hard time with a plan for the trip back to the Boston area.

Gettysburg Pa , Corning glass Corning NY,  then a nice ride across 86 and up 88
We are going to Luray the first weekend in October.  You may have trouble finding a campground with any spaces.  Everybody wants to see the fall leaves.  We have never been to Luray Caverns,so we figured we would change up from the beach.  We are going on Thursday,return on Monday.  Hope to avoid the worst traffic.  Oh,we're from MD suburbs of D.C. 

Enjoy your trip!
Delaware Water Gap KOA is a nice campground and right in an area you are interested in.  Take exit 53 off 84 and follow 209 down to East Stroudsburg.  Watch for deer as they are densely populated in that area.

You should search the map East and West of 81 and 87.  There are historic locations and outdoors locations along the way.
Thanks everyone for the suggestions.  I'll check them out.

HappyWanderer - We're thinking of travelling around the 2nd and 3rd weeks in October.  One of the reasons we're heading South instead of North (into NH and ME) is because it looks like the campgrounds stay open a bit longer.  So far, most of the campgrounds I've looked in the states south of MA (between MA and VA) seem to be open until the end of October.

Pugapooh - We're thinking of staying in Luray as well - if we can get a campground reservation.  I'll be making some phone calls tomorrow.  Enjoy your trip!

I have a couple of recommendations on campgrounds to fit your 200 mile/day goal, but they both close on October 15.

Just off I-84 in Stafford Spings, CT is Mineral Springs campground. It's a small, quiet place with very friendly owners.

If you're looking for something off the beaten path, Charlie Brown campground in Eastford, CT is nice. The route would be Mass Pike to I-395 south in Auburn, to CT-44 west in Putnam, CT to Eastford. From there, CT-44 continues west to I-384 and I-84.

I-84 through CT and NY gets you down to the Delaware Water Gap without going anywhere near I-95 and NYC.

While you're in PA, how about Steamtown in Scranton? It a fascinating place, even if you're not into trains.
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