Brakemaster braking system

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May 26, 2005
Has anyone had any experience, good or bad, with the brakemaster system?  Thanks 8)
I looked into this as originally I was going to have a Remco modification done on my Ford Taurus, and Remco dealers sell Roadmaster hitches and Brakemaster brakes.

However, since I got so many good references on the Brake Buddy, and my dealer(for my new motorhome)  installs brake buddy and Blue Ox hitches, I went that route instead.  I am having the Remco dealer ONLY install the axle lock modification on he Taurus.

Tom here on the forum can tell you about the M&G brake system, which I think is the best of all as it works off the air system of a diesel pusher.  Only reason I did not get it is that Spartan requires a kit to be installed and threatens warranty will be violated if kit not installed.  As far as I can determine, the kit is unnecessary and actually creates more chances for things to go wrong.  I elected not to fuss with all this and went with Brake Buddy.

If you don't have a Spartan chassis, or if you do and are not worried about warranty complications, I think M&G is the best.  Ask Tom about it.

Need help to find a air cylinder for brk mstr 9000 that would be the one that pushes on the brake petal. I called the co for a price they said it would be around 500.00. Please don't buy from Brakemaster lvshoebxfrd
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