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Oct 22, 2005
Orlando, FL
am owning my first new 5th wheel travel trailer soon, and for the last 15 years I have used AAA for breakdown service.

I am not sure if the have the right resources to provide for these kind of rescues.

Are there any other breakdown rescue services out there that would cater to the RV / Travel Trailer industry ?

What would you recommend, and how has your service been with them ?

Any you would not recommend ?

Thanks much
From the perspective of a diesel pusher, AAA is the wrong choice for roadside assistance. They are geared toward helping cars, so tend to send out tow trucks that are far too small.

Many of us favor Coachnet.
There are two major services specifically for RVers, One called Coach Net and another a subsidiary of  Affinity Group, owners of Camping World, Good Sam, etc.  The Affinity service is marketed through several outlets, primarily the Good Sam Club and Camping World.

Both are god services, though either one may have some weak spots here and there in the country. Since they rely on independent tow/roadside services across the country, there may be some bad apples in the barrel despite their effors to weed them out.

I have used both and have settled on Coach-Net as my personal choice. See

AAA is a collection of independent state auto clubs and not all state AAA's provide RV coverage. If you are in one of those states when you break down, you may be out of luck or may get only limited services, regardless of what your home state's AAA policy covers. You can probbaly get some reimbursement from your home state, but when the breakdown occurs it is HELP that you need foremost. The $$ concern is secondary to most people.
We had the Good Sam roadside service till we need to use them and now have Coachnet.  Cannot recommend the Good Sam version and keep a clear conscience.
N5IBM said:
Any you would not recommend ?

There may another alternative for you. Many insurance companies offer towing as an add on. In my case I just pay $8 a vehicle annually and have full towing coverage. They have an 800 number I can call for assistance in arranging a towing or service call or I can do it my self, pay and get reimbursed by my insurance company. I have used it 4 times over 16 years including one large tow bill and never had a problem.

My advantage, I can arrange my own service and question them on their capability to do the job. Its very easy to get help especially with cell phone. I first call the nearest Freightliner service center and they can give me a good recommendation, as can most any local truck place. 

Some buy the full service for peace of mine, and I probably would if I were a full timer traveling long distances.

Another alternative is to breakdown in greater Los Angeles area on the freeway. They are taking out call boxes and have a fleet of free tow  trucks roaming the freeways as an alternative. They have just added big rig tow assistance on some freeways that have heavy truck traffic.

This is not only in Los Angeles. My son had a flat in Memphis area on the interstate and as he pulled over a free assistance tow truck pulled up, fixed his tire and would not even accept a tip for a cup of coffee. Of course he leads a charmed life.

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