broken exhaust port on the head on 1996!!

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Al H.

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May 3, 2013
Well everyone, I just purchased a 1996 National and as you can see I have quite an issue. Does anyone have any suggestions? Is there any possible way to repair it without pulling the head? I appreciate any input. Thanks!
Can you be a little more specific about what is broken?  Maybe a photo.
What engine do you have (Ford or GM)?
We don't know if you know exactly what is broken. We don't know your skills. You might mean cracked manifold, snapped stud/bolt, or some how a piece of your head is broken off. Breaking the exhaust port on the head would be kinda hard to do. Except on old aircooled VW's. :)
I bet that you have a Ford 460 engine.  I also had a 1996 that did the same thing.  If you do a search you will get lots of information on that specific problem.  Usually it is related to rapid cooling of the head after climbing a long grade.  Mine broke off a section of the head from the back bolt to the rear of the head.  Unfortunately it requires replacing the head.  To help reduce the reoccurance of the problem I an many others have installed headers, (in my case Gibson), in place of the casr iron exhaust manifold.  The headers do not retain heat like the heavy factory manifolds.

Of course, I am assuming that you have a Ford 460 engine.

Good luck

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