Broken throttle cable in Diesel Pusher

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Apr 14, 2006
Where does one find or have made a 34 foot throttle cable? for a diesel pusher. I'm not sure where to even look. Thanks for any suggestions

Karl said:

I don't think a dealer would have something like that in stock, but could order it for you. Probably your best bet would be to contact the chassis manufacturer directly; Freightliner, Ford, etc.

Unfortunately I have an Oshkosh Chassis (1994 Southwind) Oshkosh sold out their motor home division to Freightliner. I haven't had much of any luck with Freightliner supporting my Oshkosh chassis. They don't even have any chassis service manuals for sale. The Fleetwood dealer has pretty much the same attitude when I show up asking for 12 year old motor home parts. Practically nothing available any more. I'd be better off having one made. I had some luck last night, (A local company) I found a company that makes custom cable controls for Industrial and aircraft use. All kinds of applications including "Throttle control cables" with many styles of cable ends. mine are threaded rods. Too bad this happened on a three day weekend. I'll have to wait til Tuesday. I should be able to bring mine in and have it matched to length and throw.
Anyone that is interested for future, Here is the website. I'm sure every large city has a company that fills this niche.
Just for the heck of it,  Try contacting in Carthage, Mo.  They just might be able to help you.  Sure wouldn't hurt to give them a call or email.  Phone is 877-548-2125.  I and other friends have dealt with them in the pass and been very please with their service.  Worth a try.
Shayne said:
Just for the heck of it,? Try contacting? in Carthage, Mo.? They just might be able to help you.? Sure wouldn't hurt to give them a call or email.? Phone is 877-548-2125.? I and other friends have dealt with them in the pass and been very please with their service.? Worth a try.

Thanks for the link!

Actually the story has more to it. When I bought this coach it had a very hard throttle. I traced it to the actual cable itself. I removed the entire cable assembly. It was not original. It appeared that someone installed a "Boat style" Push-pull throttle cable. Solid wire not stranded(Done Recently) It was so stiff that they also installed large return springs at the foot pedal end so that the throttle would return. My buddy convinced me that we could remove the solid wire inner cable and replace it with more flexable stranded wire and braze the ends on the new cable. Well it worked great. The throttle now worked like butter. Very nice, smooth and easy. The problem was that the brazing heated the stranded cable to the point it got brittle. (I was worried about that all along) It only lasted about 600 miles before it broke right at the braze. The ends need to be pressed on (Crimped) I know that with the right cable I will be more than happy with the operation of the throttle.

Custom made cables
Don't know where you are located but if you ever get the chance, make a point to stop at the Colaw Salvage.  I never believed one place could have so much.  If you need it they have it and if they don't have it you don't need it.  They do a big mail business also.  Great to talk to over the phone, very knowledgable, and prompt. I introduce a friend of mine to them a few years back, he rebuilds coaches.  Now he deals with them constantly.  He just tells them what he needs and presto they deliver.
I have never looked for a place to do this but it sounds like if you can find a custom cable maker you can get the job done quickly and easily, likely just replace the center cable again (not the jacket,) possibly even use your old cable, either as a pattern or as the actuall cable with crimp on ends.

Alas, I've never looked for that kind of customizer though...  I am 100% sure they are out there though. 

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