Brooksville Rally

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Apr 9, 2005
Benson , AZ.
Anyone heading to the Brooksville rally?  My folks are there, and Weds I have the day off and Jolene and I may take a bike ride up to check it out. 

OOK, guess nobody was there.  Jolene and I took the motorcycle up along with Koda, complete with his goggles.  Had a wonderful day, finally got to see what an FMCA rally is all about.,  WOW< I missed that in Maine! 

Anyway, if you are there and get this, and if you see Santa, say hello. 


I just spotted this thread. Steve Pally is there but he has been off line for a week. Not sure if anyone else went. We passed this year.
We "passed" this year too - been pretty busy on a remodeling project at our home base.  Besides, we didn't want to be tempted  by all those new rigs on display!

Did you see anything interesting, Bill?
I see interesting things every day.  It was a bit of a busmans holiday, but I did look at a couple rigs other dealers had.  At this point in our life, a motorhome, really any motorized unit, just doesn't make sense.  Not enough free time to run it.  So, it is a luggable or towable for us.  We are considering a smaller 5er, will be easier to get it ready to go than using the slide on, plus give lots more space.  However, with the slide in and our enclosed trailer we can take the bike along and some fun stuff.  So, with that in mind a small 5er/toy hauler is what we need.

I always enjoy the accessory displays, and this was no different.  Only thing I bought was a pair of shoe inserts to give my feet a continuous massage.
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