Bulging Frame?

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New member
Jul 1, 2006
My friend is buying a 2001 Tioga 29 class a MH, its nice looking and seems good cond. but I'm kinda puzzled about the frame on this thing :-\ you can see the skeleton frame kinda bulging out behind the side panels (does this make sense ?) Its noticeable on both sides (driver and pass) is there something I should be looking for ?

Steve CDN

Well-known member
Jan 31, 2005
Is it possible the fibreglass body has delaminated, which can appear as bulging.  If that's the case, your friend would want to walk away from that deal.  IAC the cause of the bulge should be determined as any kind of body or frame abnormality is a sign of trouble.

Any chance you could take a picture of the bule area and attach the picture to a reply in this thread  {use the "Additional Options" feature under the message composition window to attach the photo}
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