Buying new TT in 2 weeks!!

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Jan 16, 2006
I hope it is ok to post same message on 2 forums (newbie and pop-up/tt)?

We're tent campers who are seriously considering buying a new 2006 Trail-Cruiser by Trail-lite within the next two weeks (credit union promo on financing ends 2/5--AND we think we'fe finally found "the" trailer).? It is a 24' 8'wide xtra lite expandable trailer (hybrid?) that has two fold out full size beds and a queen fold out on the front.? It has dinette and slide out sofa.? the model is C243S...(we have a 13 y/o boy and 6 y/o girl so 3 sep. sleeping quarters is a must for us).?

1.? Anyone have any experience with Trail-cruiser by Trail-lite trailers?? I know they are relatively new.

2.? I told the dealer we have financing and ins. all set up (he's right down the street from us) and he said he'd be giving it away if he went any lower than $17K...he said it lists for $20,8.? The brake/tow pkg would be extra, he said around $800.? Does this seem right?? We've looked around quite a bit and can't find many trailers w/ the three sep. sleeping areas AND a slide out sofa for this price range....seems we'd have to give up one or the other to get lower price????

3.? We have a 2005 quad cab Dodge Dakota 4x4 V8 rated for 5K.? This trailer has a dry weight of 3865 (don't see GVW on this flyer?).? Will this be tough to tow?

4.? Ins. quoted arond $120 per year liability/collision.? Does this seem about right?

5.? Credit union quoted 7.1 fixed for 96 months (8 yrs).? Think we can do better out there?? :-\
It is unnecessary and a bit undesirable to do multiple posts.? We are a moderated forum and if you are posted in a section where you will not get a good response, a staff member will move your message to where it will.

As for pricing, if you have found your ideal model you should be able to get 20-30% off MSRP depending on where you are and the market in RVs there.? ? As for the $800 for a "brake and tow package",? IF that includes brake controller, trailer connector, receiver, ball mount and weight distributing system, and a anti-sway control, it is a good price.? ?If it does not, it is more problematic.  Find out what is included.

As far as towing is concerned, you need better numbers on the GVWR of the trailer and the tow rating of the truck.  For the trailer, the GVWR can be found on the DOT plate on the right side front of the trailer.  Trailer GVWR can also be determined from dry weight plus 'carrying capacity', if the brochure gives that.  The tow rating of your truck is dependent on the tranny (manual or auto) and the rear end ratio (3.55 or 3.92).  Check it out on the Trailer Life tow rating tables on their website.  We usually reduce the tow ratings by 10% for towing in the east, and 15-20% for towing in the mountain or Pacific west.  Compare that to your GVWR, if it is under that, you should be OK.

You do not need liability insurance for a trailer, even in the lawyer benighted state of California.  Trailers are covered by your auto  liability policy.  Add the trailer to that policy.  You are adding collision and comprehensive.      If you cannot add to your auto policy, find another insurer for both.  $120 sounds like a good price, I pay $140 on a trailer that is 10 years old -- but then I live in Los Angeles  :(

It is hard to beat a credit union's interest rates, and they generally play fewer games than a finance company or even a bank. 
:)? Thank you so much for all of that knowledge.? We live in MD-recently moved here from Williamsburg, Virginia. ;D? My mistake, just checked my notes, the $120 is for comprehensive/collision so I guess we'll go with that.? I will find out more info. on the tow pkg and GVWR, etc.?
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