Buying Replacement Screens for 1998 Prowler 23LV

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Tammy C

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Aug 11, 2013
We were just given our first trailer - a 1998 Prowler 23LV.  It needs some work but basically it's in working order.  We are going to be using it for a week in a warm area and I need to get screens for the windows.  I've GOOGLEd "replacement screens for traveler trailer" and looked around, but I'm unable to find anything.  Would a regular "screen guy" who makes window screens for houses be able to do this work?  Is there a good website/vendor for replacement parts for older Prowler trailers.  Any help would be appreciated!
Usually the screens are made from standard frame components, but if the screen has any radius (rounded) corners, the corner pieces are hard to find. You might have to go to an RV salvage yard (see list in the RESOURCES section) to find a used one. Or you may have to go to a distributor for the original window maker, which is probably Hehr or maybe Atwood Mobile.

Here is one place that sells all kinds of screen frame components, but I don't see any radius corners there either:

This place sells window parts for major RV windows suppliers. You might inquire there for replacement screens or parts. They do carry a radius corner for an Hehr window.
If you contact a local (window) glass shop most of the can make the screen and frame you need. They will have to take a few measurements prior to making them to fit.

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