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Laura D

Jul 6, 2005
Jax, FL
Whether it be necessities or just "niceties", as my husband calls them, are there other places to buy your "stuff" than Camping World and Walmart?  I did find a few things at Campmor too.  Just seems like there is so MUCH to buy!  Every time I turn around I'm writing something down on my "to get" list.
There are many places that have RV "Stuff" Of course sometimes you need to define "Stuff"

Camping World (of course) many RV dealers, "Super stores" (Personally I try to avoid Wall Mart, don't like the company) Sears

Hardware stores  R.E.I.  Garner Mountain (Spelling) to list but a few.

One thing I should note.... I decided I wanted an outdoor hot water heater (Coleman's instant heater, darn near continous flow, 40 gallons on one 16oz bottle of propane and one battery charge) so I went to a Coleman outlet store

The "Regular Price" (179.95) was IDENTICAL to the price at my regular RV store (WOW! Usually you slap a RV sticker on it the price goes... Well... UP) 

I got it anyway.. This weekend is the Red White and Blue sale, 15% off give or take a percent (I thikn it was 149.95)
I have found the Marine supply stores to be an alternative and have found the prices to be comparable to the RV Stores.  the up side is they have different stuff and many times it works better for RVs than the RV Stuff!  BG


Before spending too much money on must-have's like toilet paper, check out the results of the infamous RV Forum toilet paper test orchestrated by forum member George Mullen. Click on the Library button in the toolbar above, then click Miscellaneous and select Toilet paper test results.

I looked at that unit on the Coleman site, and it's very interesting indeed. My question is this: Will the one tank of propane heat the 40 gallons to the 50 degrees above beginning water temp., 100 degrees above, or somewherin between?
I don't know yet Karl.... I haven't run 5 gallons through it yet (Only about 2 quarts)

Where i happen to be camped there is a chance of it getting used though... ONe of the showers has no hot water

First test, came up cool, even though I had it set to hot

Second test came up hot enough to make tea with had I wished

And to be honest,,, that's all I've done... It does appear it will give you one nice long shower though if you hook it up to a hose and set it in the "Warm" reigon.  But chances to try it will come later
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