Buying the floor model at RV Show

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Jun 3, 2013
[size=12pt]Hello, new to forum. I recently read that sometimes RV show representatives will sell the floor models at a decent discount so they don?t have to have them moved back to their storage facilities. As anyone else heard of this?
Thank you!
Yes, especially on the last day of the show.  We bought our first TT on the last day of the Tampa SuperShow, and got a substantial discount on it.
Plus.. it was LOADED.

There is information in the library that suggesst that many people end up with discounts in the 25%-35% range and even up to 40%.  Each negotiator is on their own and some are better than others.  I think you will see good discounts every day of the show and also a month later on the lot.  It's up to you to get the substantial ones.
I don't remember the discount I got, but it was decent anyway, at least 30 percent.  But they did still have to take it back to the dealer for the prep and walkaround and stuff.  We didn't pick it up until the next weekend after the show.

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