Cable slide adjustment

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Mar 13, 2010
Illinois , Casey
I have one corner bottom of slide that is out about 3/4 inch when rest of slide pulls tight. It will go in if I hold and pull tight. But have not been doing it. Pulls down motor to much. I have just left it out with no problems from weather. I I know the cable adjustments have one for in and one for out each have top and bottom. My question is the bottom on other end is tight on the non tension side. I would think it would pull the tension side in tight. Looking for some guidance. Like I said not a big deal. Just had some time to kill before heading out for the weekend and was looking at it.
I've tried to attach a instruction manual on how to adjust cable operated slides. I hope you can open it


  • Norco Accuslide.pdf
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Your going to make me read. ? Just kidding it wouldn't open when downloaded but I found it. Will read through it thanks. I didn't want cable slides when we bought this but this unit is what we needed. I have 2 hydrulic ,1 electric and one cable. Makes no sense. Oh well. Thanks again. Some how I went from working on a drawer to the slide. Must be the A.D.D kicking in.
Each movement of the slide has it's own other words there are eight individual cables on your slide.  Each individual cable can be adjusted and that is what it sounds like you need to do for the one that is out by 3/4".  Remember though, the cable slide system is a "give and take" type system and and the adjustment directions should not only be read thoroughly, they should be totally understood before attempting to make any adjustments.  Also, while you are in there adjusting, check your adjustment system out.  Mine, brand new, had little chunks of foam that was supposed to "lock" the adjustment down.  That is a joke if I have ever heard one.  The foam "locks" are useless.  So, after making a few adjustments on mine (I've got two cable operated slides), I put a 1/4 - 20 nut on each and every one of the adjusters so that when I got it adjusted where it needed to be, I ran down the added nut(s) to actually lock it down so that it can't move or get out of adjustment as it operates.  The exception to this is that over time, the cables will stretch a bit and you may have to tweak them a bit and re-adjust.  Hope this helps.
Assuming Accu-Slide (4 cables visible when slide extended.

Motor and transmission are either above or below the slide in the "Fixed" part.  Most likely at the top but use your ears to figure out.

Remove the facis (Several screws likely capped with wood plugs) and set aside

Adjustment nuts are labeled.  a 7/16" RATCHETING box wrench is handy. this is a wrench  like the standard Open end/12 point box  combination wrench only the box end ratchets.> Very useful for this adjustment.
Thanks everyone. I will get to it. I do have some loose cables. Had to have motor replaced shortly after we purchased it. Looks pretty simple. Mine is a PITA to get to . I am a industrial maintenance tech for manufacturing plant. Was just looking for more the definitely don't do's that we usually figure out the hard way.

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