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Apr 16, 2019
Cal-Am Food Services Arizona is hiring Workampers for the 19?-20? winter season for our poolside resort restaurants. We are looking for singles or couples for a variety of jobs. You can live on or off property as we are age qualified.
All of these positions have the opportunity for BOTH workampers to work 40hrs a week if you are looking for extra money, job wages range from $8.50/hr(plus tips) to $17/hr.

Types of positions available:
Server, Bartender, Food Runner, Line/Prep Cook, Weekend Cook, Restaurant Manager, Assistant Manager, Caf? Worker, Bakery Assistant, Catering Cook(High Volume Kitchen), Inventory, Courtyard setup/cleanup(Split shift) and Cooking/Beer/Wine Class Assistant(Technology Skills/Couple Required)

Our season is from 10/1/19 until about 5/1/20. We can take Workampers starting as late as 2/3/20, leave as early as 4/6/20 and will work with your schedule.

If interested, like more information or job descriptions, please forward your workamper resume to [email protected]
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