CalExpo Fall RV Show - Sacramento

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Bob Buchanan

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Mar 3, 2005
Philadelphia, PA
I just noticed these dates today -- so perhaps a bit late to attend, but the big CalExp RV Show is running today (Friday 22 September) through Sunday the 24th. The location is the big CalExpo park in North Sacto just off the 80 Reno freeway. Check your map because that freeway can be confusing in that area. Take the Exposition Blvd or Arden Way exits to get to the main gate.

There is also an RV park at CalExpo. Sacto has some of the worse RV parks in California -- and of those, tho just an average park, CalExpo park is one of the better ones.

It happens in the spring and early fall and is an excellent show sponsored by about 25 dealers. Check here for more info.
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