Cameo Carriage 5th Wheel - Anyone own one?

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Jan 27, 2007
We are looking at buy the Cameo Carriage 5th 35 ft.  We are going to be fulltiming and want to make sure that this unit will last for a few years with minimum problems and wear & tear.  The Carriage seems to be about the best built unit in this price range.  Any comments.

Thanks.  Pat
Fulltimers Dave & Jeanette Reavis have had a Cameo for about 4-5 years now and have been back & forth across the US and Canada multiple times, probably 100k miles or more.  Hopefully they will see your inquiry and offer their own comments.

In case they don't see this, my recollection is that they have had some problems (most RVs do), perhaps more than expected, but nothing major. I do know that Carriage has taken care of their problems. I believe they are satisfied with their purchase.
A friend has a Carri-lite that he bought used several years ago.  It has been all over the U.S. and also to Alaska. He has had only minor problems, (some things do wear out you know) and is extremely satisfied with his unit.  They don't full time, but when they go they cover a lot of ground. His has only one slide and they are now looking to upgrade to one with two or three slides.  Because of their good experience with the current unit they are looking mostly at Carriages.
Thanks for the replies.  Looking forward to any more comments.  We haven't signed the deal yet, but this is the unit we have our hearts set on.

I had an 04 Carriage 37ft, not Cameo, and really liked it.  The fit-and-finish were excellent.

The only problem I and my neighbor had, his was an 04 Carriage also, was the Grey Water Tank.  If you let it get full it leaked at the seam where the top of the tank is joined to the main holding area of the tank.  It happened to both of us I and do not know if it was manufacturing defect or the pressure of over-filling caused the rupture.  I took the easy way out and never let the tank get full. 

I did not experience any problem with the Black Tank, but I was very careful not to let it get full.

I thoroughly enjoyed the Carriage and do not hesitate to recommend it.

We have an 02 30ft Cameo that we bought new. We have had several minor problems, but I wouldn't say we had more than any other brand.
The only major problem we have had was a leak in our black tank. It cracked at the top where the pipe goes into the tank. No one really had any
opinion as to why it cracked. I guess it was just one of those things. If we were going to buy another 5er today with all other things being more or less
equal, we would buy another Cameo.

We have towed the thing all over the US and most of Canada over all kinds of roads and never had any problems. Just remember to slow down on
really rough roads as you should do with any RV.


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