Camerons Stove Top Smokers

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Wi1d Bill

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Nov 25, 2012
For anyone that loves smokey favor to their food. you need to check out a STOVE TOP SMOKER from Camerons Products.

We love the earthy smoked favors of meats and sea food.. And we really love smoked taters.

Last summer the DW bought a Camerons' Stove Top Smoker. 

For RVing this is perfect. The 11" by 15" Stainless steel pan is small enough to find a place in the camper and it truly can be used on the gas stove in the camper using the exhaust fan.  At home I moditified the gas grill slightly and use it. In 60 seconds I can have it back to a gas grill.

Only takes a couple of tablespoons of wood chips.  I Have four or five different wood chips.  Their 1 pint tubs don't take up space. 

Clean up is simple with a few tricks.  They suggest using aluminum foil on the drip tray and using nonstick grilling spray on the rack.  You simpley let the bottom of the drip pan just get seasoned.

I done salmon, chicken, ribs, brisket, corn beef(wow), tenderloins and our favorite, potatoes.  I do enough taters, so we can save some for home fries in the morning with bacon and eggs.

  The web site is  Phone 888-563-0227

DW purchased this one at kitchen gadget store for $55.00 and the wood chips are about $5.00 She also bought the recipes book which I find pretty handy when trying  something different

I haven't used a Cameron's stovetop smoker, but I am very familiar with them. I think it's a great concept for adding smoke flavor to all types of food. Only problem is you can't fit a whole brisket in them.  ;D
I did a 2 to 3 lbs brisket in the Stove Top Smoker.  Also, if the food is too large (Like a whole chicken or ribs) you can build a Tent out of  foil and smoke it that way. 
Point being that RVing doesn't lend its' self to hauling a big smoker around.  This is just the right size for making a meal for 2 to 4 people, plus it can also be used as a steamer.

I did find that using a remote thermometer really helps figuring out the cooking time. 
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