Camper married we have an new RV

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Nov 5, 2012
Hey hey!

We just got our 2007 Forest River Cherokee and it is all winterized...we finally found what we were looking for after looking about 2 years!

I stepped into this baby and it said...I am your home away from home.  That is important with 9 kids from Oregon to Maine!!

We'll be getting use to it, making dry runs to our local RV park/state Park...5 minutes away boondocking I imagine with electric... until we can be safely sure we can load water in her tanks.

Just want to say hello and tell you the white bass run here and I don't wanna wast the 5 minutes it takes to get home so we got an RV so we can catch limit everyday when the white bass run again!  ha ha!! I am one happy camper

:)  :)  :)


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May 31, 2012
Whoo hooo!  I am excited for you guys!

When is the first trip?
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