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Sep 28, 2005
We took the trailer out to Half Moon Bay this weekend.  We went despite the terrible weather.
I went up Friday and my wife and 2 yr old daughter joined me Saturday.  When she drove up, the rain was really coming down and the wind was at about 200 mph, or so it seemd.  I walk out to her car, grab our daughter and put her inside the trailer, while I help my wife bring in her things.  We walk over to the trailer and my daughter has locked the door and the key is inside, of course.  My wife immediately panics and tells me to break out the window before she gets into the knives or something.  She rushes to the office to ask them for assistance on locating a locksmith, while I try to coax my daughter into unlocking the door.  I can hear her on the inside messing around with the door handle, but never the lock.  After about 15 minutes in the rain and wind, 'click' she unlocked the door. 
I should have know better.  I can't tell you how many times she has locked me out in the back yard when I goto empty the garbage.
Sounds like you should keep a spare key somewhere outside the trailer. I've locked myself out of the house more than once and have a key hidden for that reason.

BTW there's no way you would have got me to go to Half Moon Bay this weekend, either by boat or by RV.
For years I've taken to carrying a spare car key ring on me.. Can not tell you how many times it's saved me embarassment.

As a Ham radio operator I'll often sit in the car a bit, leaving the key in the ignition, after shutting the engine off listening to the end of a QSO (Conservation) or even participating.

Then, I get out, lock the door and go into wherever I'm going into.

Of course you will note I did NOT take the key out of the ignition

So, in my left pocket..... Spare key
This past summer a young family camped next to us with their new Nomad trailer. A day or so later, as I was walking by, I noticed that their dog jumped out of the forward stowage bin under the bed.  I remarked to the father that that was an unusual place to keep the dogs.  He said they had went out for dinner the night before and locked the trailer before they left.  When they returned they were unable to unlock the door. After about one hour of trying everything they could think of, they took everything out of the storage area, climbed in and raised the bed to enter the camper.  And  sure enough as he was telling me this, his two daugthers, his wife and another dog popped out of the stowage area.  He called a locksmith who came and fixed the door.  He had to go into the trailer the same way to access the lock from the inside.  My TT is set up differently and should this happen to me, I would have to go in under the lower bunk at the rear.  So we try to limit how much we leave setting on top of the lower bunk, just in case.

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