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Sep 29, 2006
Pontiac, Illinois
Okay everyone needs to help out here. We are leaving for Montana next year and need a few suggestions on where to stay in the SOUTHWEST part of Montana. We are spending a week at Glacier National Park and then headed for Yellowstone. We need a stop over before we get to Yellowstone to recharge our batteries. We choose the Southwest because that's an area we haven't explored yet. We don't need full hookups but do need electricity.
We just stayed a few days at Yellowstone Edge RV Park, about 30 miles north of the North Entrance to Yellowstone and right on the Yellowstone River.  Nice park, with full h/u sites and about $30/night this time of year..  There is another place closer to YS, I think it is called Yellowstone Campground and also on the river. Both of these are on Rt 89 south from Livingston on I90.

Over at West Yellowstone is Grizzly RV Park - quite nice but very pricey. There are some other parks in West YS too.
If you want a little old west and some fun time, Virginia City is a fun place to stop.  There is also Butte, the mining museums and other things, some good food, golf in Anaconda and Fairmont Hot Springs.  Helena is the state capital and there are excellent exhibits at the MT Historical Society there.  Bozeman has the Museum of the Rockies (dinosaurs etc.) plus some other interesting things at the University and in town.  Livingston has a lot of art galleries and several museums.

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