camping with our horses, looking for sites to visit

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Apr 7, 2013
We have a small motorhome and go camping with our horses. We live outside of Cleveland Ohio and are looking for nice horse friendly campsite or farms or ranches to visit. Would like to find places within a 8 hour drive or so.
Tips , suggestions, will be helpful. We are willing to help someone else with horses if you are in our neck of the woods.
Thanks, Kerry and Donna
Not close to you, but if you ever get out to the Black Hills you have to check out Broken Arrow RV Park & Horse Camp just east of Custer. Great facility for RV and horses, plenty of trails in the hills. Folks love it and come back year after year.
I think Brown County State Park south of Indianapolis is within your 8 hour drive.  You can make reservation on line, I believe.  There are some nice riding trails.  Plus you can ride your horse to the little town of "Story", tie up to a hitching post, go in and have lunch.

Also there is a horse camping facility at Land Between the Lakes on the border of Kentucky and Indiana.

One suggestion I have is to contact your "Back Country Horseman" state unit.  They are a wealth of information on places to camp.  I've heard Ohio is loaded with horse camps.

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