Can?t get electric crank to raise my pop up top.

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Sep 8, 2019
Went to crank up my 2008 Fleetwood Saratoga but only get clicking sound on remote plug in. Will not hand rank either. Battery was tested-100%. Outside light works.
Guessing bad connection is cause of click-click.. but...

Ratcheting sound (Many clicks like a car with low battery) = battery or connection

Sharp click, just once. = other issue  Does the light stay one when you press jack button?
Yes = bad relay or motor
No = bad motor in many cases.

Now this is not a pop up but I had a no-start on my 8.1L vortec. Sharp click. No Clunk, No Ratchet.. Turned out to be the first of 2 relays (called pilot relay) The 2nd is the starter solenoid.

Pulled. Cleaned contacts Varoom.

I doubt you have a pilot relay on that system  but the controller does have relays.

To hand crank you may need to move a lever somewhere.
My guess, if the electric and hand crank won't work, a clicking sound, sounds like a worn gear no longer making good engagement.  Maybe get someone on all 4 corners to gently assist with the raising process, at least to get it up in the air to better evaluate.
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