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May 29, 2006
Poulsbo WA
I'm hoping these photos post. There are two of the little brown things, one on the bedroom wall, the other on a dining area wall. The antenna looking thing is on the driver's side roof and has been obviously broken off.

Any ideas?


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    RV antenna 2 (Small).jpg
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The antenna thing photo is blurry. Guess I need a second post for the brown doo-hickeys. Only one photo per post? Maybe I can get them even smaller. Here it is ...


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    RV Thing (Small).jpg
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To me it looks like where a phone line could come in, but has been capped off.  I've seen that in older houses.

cuts_up said:
To me it looks like where a phone line could come in, but has been capped off. I've seen that in older houses.

I mean the little brown thing.
The "brown things" look like temperature sensors for your heating/cooling.  Can't tell about the other, the picture is too blurry.
I am not so sure the brown things are temp sensors,  The black thing on the outside of the rig is deffently an antenna mount.

The brown things might be temp sensors, or they might  be stnad-offs (used to hold a wire lead at a distance from the wall) or mounts for something.  Try CAREFULLY removing one a short distance (Say a quarter inch) and seeing if there are wires going to them.  If so they are sensors, if not they are mounts of some kind (Technically a stand off is a wire mount)

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