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May 27, 2005
Goshen, KY
We normally use Flying J when traveling throughout the US.  This summer, we will be in Ontario, Canada traveling for several weeks.  What diesel stations/truck plaza's do you recommend?  Any problems with refueling in the truck lanes?  Thanks.

Steve CDN

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Jan 31, 2005
Check your Flying J directory where you will find the locations of the 3 FJ's in Eastern Canada.? They are on the 401 and its extension into Montreal at the west end of Montreal.

The two FJ's in Ontario at at London and Napannee, while the Montreal location is in Dorion.

All three are built exactly the same as all FJ's are laid out, so you'll recognize your way around.

Ontario also has a few Fifth Wheel Truck Stops and there are Irving Truck stops in all of Eastern Canada.

For FJ listings and prices Click HERE

For Ontario listings, look under ON, for Montreal listing look under PQ

What will be your point of entry into Ontario?
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