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Jan 13, 2005
If you're reading this, but can't log into the forum, please read on ...

When you register for an account here, our forum software will send you an email containing a link that you need to click in order to activate your account. This is the only unsolicited email you'll receive from us. Look for the email and, if it hasn't arrived, check your (and your ISP's)  spam blocker to ensure that emails from our site are allowed (not blocked).

If you've forgotten your password, the forum software will give you an option to retrieve it by email. This email and any others you receive from the forum software will be automatically sent to the email address you used to register for an account. If you subsequently change your email address, please update it in your profile (by clicking the Profile button above). You will be sent another activation email  with a link for you to click.

Folks still having difficulty are welcome to contact me and I'll try to help (e.g. by activating your account manually). Just click the 'envelope' icon beneath my avatar to send me an email. But you still need to check your spam blocker so I can respond, tell you what I've done and, if appropriate, offer some tips on what to do next.

It really is a waste of my time to ask me for help and for my response to receive a reply such as:

"Your mail to the following recipients could not be delivered because they are not accepting mail from [email protected]"

Also be aware that any email response I receive requiring me to do something such as clicking a link in order for you to read my (or the forum's) email will be ignored. So, please set your spam blocker to allow emails from

Not open for further replies.

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