Car Sold - now what ?

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Apr 25, 2005

We are about to sell the car in Florida and need to know what we must do.

Does the buyer have to pay Sales Tax (or any other tax) on the purchase of a used vehicle ?

If so, whose responsibility is it to collect/pay it to the authorities ?

Do we remove our Montana Plate and sell the car without a number plate on it ?

Do we just throw the MT plate away afterwards ?

Anything else we need to be aware of please ?

Thanks for your input guys - I know this is probably everyday stuff for you, but us foreigners need guidance.  :)


PS I dont know if it makes a difference on your replies to the above, but the car was titled under our LLC in Montana.

Sales tax is collected by the DMV when the buyer registers the car in their name. I'll let others deal with the other questions.
Check with the attorney that set up the LLC about the procedure for disposing of an LLC owned vehicle.  The requirements vary from state to state.  Also, check the back of the title for instructions on transferring the vehicle.  You may also find more information on the Montana DMV web site.
States vary on whether or not the plates go with the car or stay with the seller. In California, the plates belong to the car. In Colorado, they belong to the person. Call a Montana DMV office to double check.
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