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Feb 9, 2013
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I have an 84 chieftain with limited storage and was wondering about a Sears plastic cargo topper and how to attach it to an aluminum roof without drilling. I already discovered it is too large because of the back vent, to position it with the tapered end forward,but it will fit turning it sideways. My question is ,is the rear rail strong enough to strap this carrier to,especially turned sideways..? Any help would be appreciated.
I am referring to the aluminum round railing that you grab onto at the top of the rear ladder. It goes across the roof and extends about 4 the front on both sides. I doubt I am savvy enough to post the pic. I'm thinking my top speed will rarely exceed 65mph and if its loaded with such weight as the bottle jack, jack stand, camping gear, it may have enough weight to keep it from moving along with the straps and some adhesive rubbers squares. I am mindful of the height which should take me up to about 10ft 6in. Thx
My non-engineering seat-of-the-pants opinion is that you are probably fine with it strapped down to those railings.  I suggest you try it for a couple of hundred miles and then check the railings to see if they are still firmly attached to the roof.  If okay, then rock-on but check the railings frequently.  Legally, you are responsible for securing your load to your vehicle.

Having said than, if you hear a thumping at the rear of your coach when driving in high winds, then you are not good-to-go.  Lots of wind at various directions at highway speeds can produce some very strange results.

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