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Aug 9, 2012
Saint Johns, FL
this showed up in my google news feed today on my phone.
I've seen several of these sorts of things in state park camp sites.  I always figured they were home brewed jobs.  never dreamed that there would be commercially available ones.

I only skimmed the article, but it set me to thinking about the idea of thinking of this as a stealth solution.  I suppose in some way it could be.  Wonder when someone will start doing the same with u-haul type vans as stealth cargo motorhomes...
Interesting concept.  I've been looking at a 34 ft enclosed trailer to use as a car hauler.  The dealer I have been talking to said that there is a 3 month waiting period when he orders them.  They are being specially built to use as vendor trailers and all sorts of uses.  They offer options such as electrical systems, AC's, windows and circulation fans all installed per owners specs.  The one I looked at was a Cargo Mate, which is a part of Forest River, built in a plant in Waco, TX  They have a long list of options that can ordered.
I turned my cargo trailer into a "homebrew" camper and I love it. I left the inside mostly empty so that I can still use it for cargo hauling, but added all the touches I need for either going out into the woods, or to a campground. The only thing I have left to do is install an awning g on it, but I have my eye on one that'll probably be a project next year.

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