Cargo Weight for Winnebago Access 31WP

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Apr 27, 2013
I am looking at a Winnebago Access 31WP.  Can anyone let me know the pros and cons of this vehicle? Thank you,
Hello, Happy, and welcome to the RV FOrum.

You titled this thread "Cargo Weight". Is that your question, or are you just interested in any comments about this coach? The cargo carrying capacity is the difference between the unladen weight and the GVWR.  The GVWR is 14,500 lbs (per the Winnie web site)  but the UVW is individually determined by the installed features, so has to be obtained from the placard on the vehicle. It is on the federally-required weight label and called Cargo Carrying Capacity. Maybe another Access owner can give you their CCC figure - most all will be in the same ballpark.
Welcome.  What year?  If you have the coach serial number or VIN I believe you can call Winnebago Owner Relations and ask them about the weights - as Gary said they are specific to a unit depending on options.  If you are physically looking at a particular Access, there will be a sheet of paper posted somewhere inside the unit listing all of the weights.
I purchased a 2013 access premier 31wp in January and had it weighed by the dealer. The front axle was 4150 and the rear 8000. This was win full fuel and propane. No cargo or passengers.

Thanks all, this is a vehicle that I was test driving, when I drove off the lot, water started spewing out from under the kitchen sink, we were able to find that leak but it wasn't a good sign.  When we stopped and then, testing other options, we tried to open the large slider, it wouldn't work.  When outside we found screws had popped out, needless to say, I am not sure if I want this unit.  The dealer tells me this unit will be better than  "brand new" when they are done with it.  They also tell me the wait time on a new Access will be 14 weeks and that I should stay with this choice, but I am not sure.  This is why I haven't gone back to check cargo capacity.  Any of you have similar problems?  Thanks again, Tina
Those problems you experienced are certainly not the norm.  When a unit leaves Winnebago Ship-Out, it's in great condition.  Before I get flamed, yes, of course there are always issues to deal with on a new unit; we had a two page list of very minor things that needed to be resolved.

When you're coach shopping, I offer the following advice:

- Never believe a thing a salesperson tells you or promises unless you know them to be a straight-shooter due to prior experiences with them and get all promises in writing signed by an authorized agent of the business (owner, sales manager, general manager, etc.)

- Never get emotionally attached to anything you're considering buying, always be ready to walk away from a deal

- Don't get in a rush to buy

- Do a lot of research before you go shopping.  I literally spent months looking, asking questions, and spent a bunch of time on RV forums before we decided to order our Horizon

- When you think you found a model you like, look for the weight sticker posted somewhere inside to be certain you will have plenty of weight carrying capacity

- Don't get into a rush to buy  ;)
The dealer tells me this unit will be better than  "brand new" when they are done with it.

This may well be true but....that does not say much. Based on much reading on this and other forums, the stories of  finding new, fault free RV's or even a dealer who can provide competent service, new RV or not,  are few and far between. I would walk away quickly from that unit, but, that's just me!!!

While I was typing away, John had posted the best advise you could receive.
I have had my access 31wp for almost 4 months. I have had a number of minor problems mostly with non- winnebago supplied items. The check valve in the city water inlet was noisy, the light was out on the propane water heater switch, one of the stove igniters didn't light, one of the drawers didn't latch tightly and one of the lock cylinders on the coach door needed to be replaced.  All of these were fixed by my dealer. I have been very satisfied with the build quality.

Thanks for all the info.  I did pass on this 2013.  Appreciate having this forum for questions.  I have one more but not sure how this works, so I am posting it as a new question.

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