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Apr 10, 2006
Just a question on carpet installation. We thought we might be able to use carpet tiles that are so popular now to replace the dingy,out of date carpet in the 1997 HRMH. Has anyone done this or heard of it done with any success? Thanks!
I don't know of a reason it wouldn't work.  I've thought of doing the same.  When I return from my trip to Alaska in late August I plan to give it a try.
We replaced the carpet in our HR Endeavor but we did it while the slideout was tipped out for other work.  It made the job much easier with the sofa removed.  Of course, the chairs were removed as well and we replaced the swivel rocker with a Lafer recliner.
No reason carpet tiles won't work except when they are in an area where a slide slides over them

IN those areas if a corner comes a bit loose then when you slide in or out it can catch, and bind and really mess things up (likely no damage, and quite likely it will just roll out) but if it jams it can interfer with the seal and cause leaks.

But on the moving part of the floor, or in areas where there is no slide, I see no problems
Edit on post...we do not have any slides on our Rambler! Wish we did. Maybe the next one. :)
No slides should make the carpet replacement much easier.
Well, if you want to use carpet tile, and you don't have slides.  Then the only problem will be if one of the tiles comes loose and trips you up while you are headed for "the necessary" in the middle of the night.

And of course proper daytime maintance (and not over indulging in selected products) can help there, a lot
Well John, I guess I'll not use carpet tiles after that warning.  I use the necessary room many times a night but I have no "Drinking Problem".  I drink, I trip, I fall NO PROBLEM.  lou
As I said, proper care and maintance (Visual inspection to make sure no tiles have come loose) prevents that problem just fine.

And as for drinking..... If you fall off the floor.. YOU ARE TOO DRUNK!!!

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