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Jul 2, 2005
Guelph, Ontario
As a general rule, I like having a CB radio available when we travel. The ability to chat with truckers and learn about highway or traffic problems before they show up in front of your bumper seems especially important when hauling the Monty. The literature that came with our Prodigy electric brake says that there should be no other electrical devices within 12 " of the Prodigy unit ... which is mounted below the dash on the left side of the steering wheel, next to the emergency brake pedal. I intend to mount my CB on top of the dash, toward the passenger side, with connections to power and antenna running along the right side of the cab. The CB itself will be at least 32" from the Prodigy unit. It seems to me that this arrangement should not interfere with the Prodigy's electronics ... but wanted to see if others agree or have had experiences running CB with Prodigy systems that I should be aware of.

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I could move the thread but since it involves a trailer brake it is just as pertinent here.  No problem.
The radio itself is very likely fairly well shielded and filtered.  I just purchased a couple of COBRA CBs one for my towed, one for the Motor Home, and they are so well shielded and filtered that even with the Noise limiter off I can barley hear if there is no signal for it to pick up (And some of the places I visit there is no signal to speak of) I have to crank both audio and RF gain to the max to hear any noise, and the Engine not six feet from it is a V-8 Gas engine with electronic ignition

SO I would not worry about the radio itself being close to the brake controler. 

Now..... The antenna however... (Well in my case it's about six to 10 feet in back of the driver... in back of the couch, in a place where it gets a 1 to 1 VSWR on the radio's meter.  Don't get much better than perfect)

There is another radio (also 2-way) mounted next to the CB.. It's antenna is mounted in the passanger side mirror

Some day I'll put a 3rd radio somewhere in that box... Do not yet know where.  I likely won't be using it on the road though
The following is a response I received directly from the manufacturer.

  "Thank you for contacting Tekonsha Technical Service. Having the CB radio mounted more then 12" away from the Prodigy is correct. And since you have mounted your CB radio 32" away everything will be ok. If I can be of any other help let me know, thank you and have a great day."


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