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Aug 13, 2006
Hanford, California
If this topic has been posted before forgive me for posting this one..

I tried to load some new software on Mark's desktop puter last night and the icon for the CD/DVD ROM is not there anymore..When I went into Device Manager I got this message:

Windows cannot load the device driver for this hardware. The driver may be corrupted or missing. (Code 39)

Click Troubleshoot to start the troubleshooter for this device

I tried to troubleshoot it as well as download a new driver, but it still won't work...


Oh and to top it all off I cannot find the original disk that came with his puter

I have tried to uninstall the driver, repair the driver, gone to the website for support with no luck..
In the Device Manager, delete the device, reboot and let Windows reinstall it.  If that doesn't work, then you may have to do a refresh install of Windows to get the original driver.
Oh boy, I have run into a problem that I find puzzling to say the least..On Mark's puter there is no System Recovery therefore I cannot do a refresh install of Windows to get the original driver.

I think a hammer might make me feel better but of course won't solve the original problem..
A recovery CD wouldn't be able to do a refresh install anyway, you need a real Windows CD to do that.  Your only alternative may be to back up all the data, do a clean install of Windows, then reinstall your applications and copy the data files back.  Did you try deleting the device and letting Windows reinstall it?
Yes I tried deleting the device and re-installing it..that was a no-go...I did finally get the puter to re-format the hard drive, but now I have another problem LOL I can't get my wireless adapter to work..You can shoot me now..
Did you install the drivers for the wireless adapter?  What model is it?  If you don't have the recovery CD, what version of Windows did you install after formatting?
I found the original recovery disk for the puter, I also installed the software for the wireless adapter...I re-booted the puter 4 times and it is FINALLY working..Just had to configure a few kinks..

Ned, thank you for all your help. I didn't need to use the hammer after all. :D
The hammer is the last resort :)  Glad to hear you're up and running again.  Don't lose that recovery CD.
I put the recovery CD in a safe place..Now if I can remember where that was (just kidding) Yes, it is in a safe place.

Thanks again for your help, I very much appriciate it!!
This may be urban legend, but years ago when my company first got desktop computers, IBM handled installation and servicing.  I asked the tech what was the worst situation he had seen.  He said that at a police station he replaced a computer with a bullet hole clean through.
I have to admit one thing....The thought of getting out the guns crossed my mind LOL But I kept trying until I got it to work...But I can see how frustrating it could be to want to shoot a puter  ;D
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