Champion Ultrastar

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Jun 16, 2010
Springfield, Mo.
I found a 28' 1991 Champion Ultrastar that interests me, but I'm not at all familiar with the make.  Anyone out there have any experience or comments about the Champion?  It has a 454 with about 85,000 miles.
Just one of many brands of motorhomes that came and went over the years. As I understand it, Champion bought the Farin Ultrastar company and produced the Ultrastar motorhome under the Champion label for several years. It had a decent reputation among its owners. I think the company got out of the motorhome business sometime in the mid-90's.

There is an owners club for the Champion Ultrastar brand at
Thanks, Gary.  I had found the owners club and the info there helped.  The problem with the one I found is it is overpriced (can you imagine) by quite a bit, although it has been restored very well - at least according to the photos and description.  But, guess we'll stay with our Coachmen and just put some money in it since we love the floor plan.
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