Change of Command Ceremony

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Jim Dick

Moderator Emeritus
Feb 11, 2005
Titusville, FL
Well, as many of you know, our son has been given his first command at sea. On Friday, 26 August, he took command of the U.S.S. Ramage, DDG-61, in Norfolk, VA. It was quite a moving ceremony. It is an awesome responsibility for a young Naval Officer to be in charge of such a Man of War! We obviously are extremely proud of him and I am hoping I will get another Tiger cruise sometime before he is relieved. :)

The principal speakers were the Admiral in charge of the Eisenhower Battle Group and the Commandant of Destroyer Squadron 28.

I have attached a couple of photos for those that might be interested. If you would like to know more about the ship itself you can access the ship's website at There is a description of the ship as well as the Command Bio's. Some of this will be changed when Jim gets to work this week. ;D



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That's awesome Jim and I know you and Pat are extremely proud. Thanks for sharing.

Your son looks older since I last saw him.<G>

That ship is awesome, the construction pics reminds me of our FMCA Maine trip when we visited the ship yards.

At Clark Fork, ID
Ron said:
Please pass on our congratulations to the CMDR.  I'm sure he will perform very well in this new comand postion.

Thanks, Ron. Just let him read the comments for himself. ;D
RV Roamer said:
Congratulations to Captain Dick as well as the proud parents!!!  :D :D :D

Thanks, Gary. Appreciate it. I may have to find some larger shirts, not for the belly but for the chest. ;D ;D

Jim Dick said:
Well, as many of you know, our son has been given his first command at sea. On Friday, 26 August, he took command of the U.S.S. Ramage, DDG-61, in Norfolk, VA. It was quite a moving ceremony. ?

Oh my Gosh,
What a thrill ?. ?It slipped up on me. ?Why did I think the change would happen in October? ?He looks so "commanding" in his uniform. ?What a ship, what a responsibility! ?I'm in awe. ?Congrats to proud parents. ?Where are the pictures of you guys congratulating him. ?Tell me more about the ceremony itself. ? I wish I could have been there. ?I love to live through other friends' children. ?Boy oh boy...I'm speechless.

caltex said:
Congratulations to Captian Dick. I see the Ramage casrries Harpoons, a missile I worked on while at Texas Instrunents.

Thanks, Robert. Yes, they have Harpoons and others. :) Quite some firepower!

Ken & Sheila said:

Congratulations to Captain Dick and the proud parents


Thanks, Ken. It's hard to believe that the little kid who fell down the basement stairs because he was trying to put on his boots while facing the wrong way is now in command of such power! ;D

Betty Brewer said:
Oh my Gosh,
What a thrill  .  It slipped up on me.  Why did I think the change would happen in October?  He looks so "commanding" in his uniform.  What a ship, what a responsibility!  I'm in awe.  Congrats to proud parents.  Where are the pictures of you guys congratulating him.  Tell me more about the ceremony itself.  I wish I could have been there.  I love to live through other friends' children.  Boy oh boy...I'm speechless.


Hi Betty,

It was originally scheduled for October but, like many government plans, things change. :) Unfortunately nobody, including us, thought to take pictures of us. We were concentrating so much on him we just missed the opportunity. Thought about it on the way back to the coach. :(

The ceremony was quite official. As I mentioned the Admiral and Commandant gave speeches, mostly for the C.O. being relieved. It was really his day. Then the C.O gave a speech which was really emotional. He read his orders and Jim read his. Then they struck the commissioning pennant for the former C.O. and raised the new pennant for Jim. He then officially relieved the former C.O. Of course, there were invocations and benedictions along with the Star Spangled Banner and other tunes. A reception was held on the pier and tours followed for family and friends. A good number of the crew were mustered in their dress whites behind the official visitors. There's nothing like the Navy's dress white uniform!

The ship is in for some repair work but, as seen in the photo, it was dressed out with flags. Someone asked what they meant and one of Jim's former Academy roommates said it meant "caution, new driver".  ;D

I do have additonal pictures but didn't want to upload too many of them.

N Smock said:

Congratulations to you and your wife. That ship is much larger than the one I was on, DD531.


Thanks, Nelson. Appreciate it. Yes, the new Destroyers are now around 8300 tons!!! I was on DD658 and DD540. I also was on the commissioning crew of Buchanan, DDG-14. As you know the Fletcher class were 2100 tons. Buchanan was 4500 tons and I thought that was huge!! :)  The Twining, DD540, was my favorite.

I know it was a long wait for both you and your son, but it was definitely worth while.? Congratulations to all of you!

Hope you get that Tiger cruise real soon :)
Congratulations to the Commander and his parents.? I know you've been understandably pround of Jimmy for years, but this really takes the cake!? Did you happen to get a picture of Regina and the kids at the ceremony also?? I'll bet the little ones were really excited and very proud of Dad.

Tom and Margi
Hi Ned,

Thanks. The wait wasn't as long for us as it was for him. ;D

I sure hope I get the Tiger cruise but it depends upon his schedule for operations. I know they are going out in a couple of weeks but I won't be on that one. :)
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